Location of Practice: Jindabyne, NSW, Australia, and worldwide via phone / internet

ADHP Certification: Spiritual Mentorship, Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Coming to Peace Facilitator, Advanced Integrated Energy Medicine

Specialization: Spiritual awakening/crisis/growth, Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Empowerment, mapping karmic patterns, healing & balancing, removing blocks/energetic interference, parts work, power & soul retrieval, co-dependant/toxic relationships, healthy boundaries, trauma/abuse, shame/guilt, anxiety/depression, grief & loss, anger, abandonment & major life transitions.

Website: sacredunionhealing.com.au/

Mary Brock is passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of consciousness, growth, and evolution. She was called to the path of service as a healer following a period of great mental, physical, and emotional suffering which then led to a sudden shift in consciousness, a spiritual awakening, an immersion into oneness, awe, and wonder, with a deep-felt sense of connection with all. It was from this safe space that Mary first began her inner healing & transformational journey, initially exploring spirituality & consciousness and then training as a practitioner.

Now as a certified Spiritual Mentor & Depth Hypnosis Practitioner Mary feels honored and privileged to hold space for others. Mary specializes in helping women who are struggling with difficult relationships, frustration, powerlessness, confusion, stress & overwhelm. If you are ready to deepen your connection with your inner guides/teachers to access deeper wisdom and healing, transform pain, increase self-trust, self-confidence, self-love and make more empowered and aligned choices in your daily life Mary is here to support & guide you.

Mary Brock
Jindabyne Australia
Phone: +61412325660
Email: mary@sacredunionhealing.com.au
Url: http://www.sacredunionhealing.com.au