Location of Practice: San Francisco, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Specialization: Healing Injuries and Illness, Transitioning to Parenthood, Parenting, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Career transition, Plant Medicine Integration Counseling

Website: lindseyfitzgibbons.com

Lindsey is a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, yoga instructor and holds a Master’s degree in Public Healing in Maternal and Child Health. When she was pregnant with her first child in 2009 she found Depth Hypnosis and two years later became a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner. The insight, healing, and transformation that Depth Hypnosis offered supported her in a deep and profound way in every aspect of her life.

Lindsey specializes in supporting people to heal illness and injuries, as well as through big life transitions. With particular expertise in Shamanic healing, Lindsey helps people connect with their inner guidance and native way of healing so that they can live a balanced and purposeful life. She also specializes in transforming trauma, anxiety, fear, and doubt for integration and a feeling of wholeness within them.

Lindsey Fitzgibbons
San Francisco
San Francisco CA 94115
United States
Phone: (415) 680-0262
Email: lindseykamp@hotmail.com
Url: http://lindseyfitzgibbons.com