Elizabeth Halliday

Location of Practice: Parker’s Cove, NS, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Specialization: anxiety/fear, hopelessness, lack of joy, healing from sexual, emotional, physical or cult abuse, trauma recovery, relationship/family challenges, integration of plant medicine, spiritual emergency, personal growth

Website: elizabeth-halliday.com

Beth’s professional path began as a Registered Nurse and has evolved to focus on the more subtle realms of energy, consciousness, and spirituality. Seeking a way to cure rather than manage her own loss of joy, vitality, and life energy led to the study of hypnotherapy, Buddhism, energy medicine, transpersonal psychology and applied shamanism – the pillars of Depth Hypnosis. As a Depth Hypnosis practitioner, she guides and supports clients in the process of connecting with and learning to trust their own internal wisdom.

Skillful use of Depth Hypnosis practices, which include Applied Shamanic practices and Energy Medicine, within a safe and grounded space, allows Beth to guide clients to the root causes of their suffering. With awareness of the source, it becomes possible to release old patterns, resolve deep wounds, and arrive at healing. This transformative process paves a pathway toward a joyful relationship with self and others. Beth makes available a complimentary fifteen minute consult for personal introduction and your questions.

I have experienced and facilitated deep healing as well as personal and spiritual growth through the Depth Hypnosis pathway. My intention is to support those seeking to participate in their own personal healing process, with the aim of optimizing happiness and well-being. Moving into a more confident, secure, and functional relationship with ourselves and the world we live in is the essential task for each of us.”

Beth works from a physical office in Nova Scotia, and with English speaking clients around the world via Zoom or telephone.

Elizabeth Halliday
Parker's Cove
Parker's Cove Nova Scotia Canada
Phone: (902) 532-5050
Email: inquiry@elizabeth-halliday.com
Url: http://elizabeth-halliday.com