Location of Practice: Kremmling, CO, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Specialization: Building Wellness, Restoring Power, Healing from Loss, Creating deeper connections with Inner Guidance, Suggestion Hypnosis, Energy Medicine and Space Clearing

Website: athenawellnessgroup.com

Athena is a warrior of the Heart. With 30 years of expertise in somatic therapies and energy medicine reflected in her Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Counseling offerings, she helps her clients unravel the knots within them that keep them from knowing themselves. Athena offers grounded, safe space to explore your own inner cosmology and supports you in aligning with your core power and that of the Earth. She is unafraid of what it takes to plunge deeply into the unknown and surface with new wisdom, clarity and understanding of our true nature as human beings, together. Athena is a generous witness and a fierce friend to compassionate truth. She moves graciously in concert with you in a supportive, caring, and strong way as you bravely traverse all that is real and true within you to find vibrancy, freedom and joy.

With a focus on getting right to the heart of the matter, sessions with Athena yield deeper understanding of your own inherent wisdom, innate power and spiritual direction. With dedication, focus and right intent, it is possible to understand ourselves at our deepest levels and to bring that clarity, understanding and authentic expression into our everyday lives. Be brave. Be you.

Athena Anne McGinley
Kremmling CO United States