Location of Practice: Portland, ME and worldwide via phone / internet

ADHP Certification: Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Hypnotherapist

Specialization: Spiritual Direction, Navigating Transitions, Connection to Agency and Personal Empowerment, Personal and Professional Development, Exploration of the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Roots of Physical Illness

Website: alexagilmore.com

Alexa Gilmore, MAcOM, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and Depth Hypnosis practitioner based in Portland, Maine. She is also a practitioner of Chinese medicine, a nationally board-certified herbalist, a hypnotherapist, and a breathwork facilitator. Those are her tools. But what Alexa really does is help guide you back home to yourself.

Alexa’s healing arts practice is a wellspring of resources for people who are ready to feel better in their bodies and their lives. Whether your ills are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, Alexa has tools to support you in identifying and resolving the root cause of your distress. Her work reconnects you to your body’s innate intelligence and plugs you back into your own inherent goodness and vitality. Her clinic is a refuge where you’ll feel deeply supported as you heal in a sustainable and lasting way. You’ll discover your power, make friends with your agency, and bring a truer, clearer “you” back out into the world.

Alexa works in-person in a private setting in Portland, Maine, and virtually with people all around the world through online private sessions and group offerings.

Alexa Gilmore
Portland Maine United States
Phone: (207) 756-4301
Email: alexa@theorigincenter.com
Url: http://alexagilmore.com