Location of Practice: Greensboro, NC, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapist, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher

Specialization: Depression, Anxiety, Feeling Stuck, Loneliness, Shame, Self-Doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Developmental Trauma, Dysfunctional Family and Relationships patterns, Life/Career Transitions, Boundary work, Spiritual and Personal Reconnection/Growth, Shamanic Counseling, Dreamwork, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Development, Pay What You Can Sliding Scale

Website: fireroothealing.com

Katie sees you as whole, not broken—but uniquely human. She provides safe, grounded, and compassionate space to hear and believe your experiences, stories and feelings. The methods she utilizes guide you to discover your own unique tools and inner wisdom —a process many find surprising and authentically empowering. With this added support and skilled guidance, you are able to look deep into the root of your chronic stress, trauma and suffering, often hidden away deep in your body and psyche. Beneath these layers you are able to finally access your radical nature and gifts—a process that provides visceral and long-lasting results.

What Katie finds so powerful about Depth Hypnosis is how it meets you exactly where you are-no matter where you are on your healing journey: whether you are in need of micro-shifts, watershed moments, or major repairs. Through DH she is able to help bring attention and focus to areas of experience that you might have forgotten, minimized, or thought were insignificant or normal. She understands that taking on the monumental task of traversing into the shadow can be scary and overwhelming, and that many avoid it out of the fear that their lives will become unrecognizable and send them reeling. However, the titration DH offers is slow, just enough, and in its own time. In this way, full life shifts become approachable and doable. You become more functional and have the power and capacity to stay in connection with yourself and others, creating a more spacious, clear and easeful existence in being exactly who you are meant to be, without shame.

Katie Southard
Greensboro North Carolina United States
Phone: (336) 509-7758
Email: katie@fireroothealing.com
Url: http://fireroothealing.com