Grace Furst

Location of Practice: Santo Domingo, DR, San Francisco, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Applied Shamanic Practice

Specialization: Trauma, Addictions, Personal Healing, Spiritual Growth, Self Empowerment, Creative Blocks, Life Transitions


Grace was an experienced hypnotherapist when she began doing her own personal work with Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., the creator of Depth Hypnosis.  After experiencing Depth Hypnosis, she realized the catalytic power of the model and became a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner so that she could incorporate it into her own work with clients.

As a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Grace works with a wide range of issues clients present. Ultimately most clients are seeking a better relationship with themselves. She has worked extensively with clients working with resolving unwanted patterns ranging from drug addiction, fears and phobias, and unhealthy relationships.

Grace Furst
San Francisco, CA
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: (415) 238-2348 and (829) 857-2348