David R. Walsh

Location of Practice: San Francisco, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet

ADHP Certification: Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Specialization: Self-Esteem, Self-Empowerment, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Shamanic Counseling, Creative Blocks, Transitions

Website: standingground.biz

David is a compassionate healer and a spiritual warrior. He is a problem solver who thinks positively. He believes every experience we have and all we perceive is a reflection of what is evolving within us. Every event in our life – no matter how big or how seemingly insignificant it may appear – changes us. How we change, however, is up to us.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner (a methodology developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.), and a Spiritual Counselor, David offers one-on-one guidance sessions towards supporting and facilitating his clients’ processes of self-transformation, self-empowerment, and spiritual evolution. He weaves the processes of Depth Hypnosis (hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, regression therapy, shamanic practices, Buddhist philosophy, Integrated Energy Medicine) and also offers Reiki, and Mindfulness Meditations to support his clients. David nurtures and supports his clients on their paths to healing and self-discovery and looks forward to working with you soon!

David R. Walsh
San Francisco
San Francisco CA United States
Phone: (415) 516-5985
Email: davidwalsh.standingground@gmail.com
Url: http://www.standingground.biz