Hypnotherapy Certificate (in Depth Hypnosis)

Students who have earned a Hypnotherapy Certificate in the Spiritual Counseling Practice of Depth Hypnosis have been trained to guide individuals in following current life issues to the root causes, using processes that bypass the conscious mind, such as guided self-hypnosis and meditation, inner child work, and regression therapy. Students who receive a Hypnotherapy Certificate through the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners will be well-prepared for assisting clients with a variety of issues. If you have any questions about the Hypnotherapy Certificate, or you’d like help mapping a course schedule, please contact us at info@sacredstream.org

You can use this HANDOUT to help you map and track your progress through classes.

The Hypnotherapy Certificate Training can be done entirely online!


• Attendance at the following workshops:
           • The Shamanic Journey
           • Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course

• Completion of 5 Depth Hypnosis private sessions with a Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner (At least 10 sessions are recommended)
• Completion of all homework within one year from course completion
• One-time certificate fee of $150

The cost to pursue this certificate can vary, depending on practitioner fees for private sessions and the location where you complete the coursework, but most students invest between $3250 and $3750 (including courses, fees, and sessions).

The Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners is affiliated with the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. We recognize coursework completed at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream and grant certificates to students who complete all the requirements above.